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Be an online English tutor

Most of us are looking for part-time work which will give us extra income. Well, these days, there are many opportunities which will allow you to earn additional income while at home.  In fact, these home-based jobs can become full-time work for others.
Now, if you are one of those who are searching for ways to earn money online, you should really check this out!
One of the categories to get income online is by rendering services. There are people who become virtual assistants, do data entry jobs, video editing, graphic designing, developing websites and so on.  However, I want to share another type of online work here. Teaching English.

Why teach English?
  • We have been studying this language since elementary years. 
  • We can speak this language fluently.
Now, where can we get jobs for this skill?
  • Freelance sites (Upwork, etc. )
  • Online schools
Freelance Sites:
You need to teach only one client.
You can dictate your rate.
You can use your free time for other types of job.
There aren't many clients who are looking for English teachers in freelance sites. It’s difficult to land a contract for starters since there is competition and they need a good record.
The rate might be low than what you expected.
You need to prepare your lesson plan and materials.
You must adjust to the availability of the client.
Online Schools:
You can choose when to work. They are usually flexible when it comes to work time.
You don’t need to worry on getting students. There are usually a lot of students already registered in these schools. Once you are in, they can see your schedule and book your available lessons.
You teach different students one-on-one. If you don’t like to be bored and want challenges, it’s good for you. You can teach beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.
You get a fixed rate for each lesson but can still receive incentives.
You can receive your income on a monthly basis. 
The more hours you work, the higher income you can get.
You don’t need to prepare every material. You only need to prepare for the lesson by checking these materials before the lesson.
Now, if you want to try teaching online, please check this online English school. 

Frequently Asked Questions : Lesson Related

Who will I be teaching?

Most of the students in RareJob are Japanese. Their age varies but the majority of them are working professionals.

How do I conduct the lesson?
All lessons are conducted through Skype; hence, tutors need to learn how to use it.

How long is the usual lesson?

One lesson takes 25 minutes. 

Is there a required minimum number of hours to teach?

There is no minimum hours required to teach in RareJob. Our schedule is 100% flexible. Tutors can control and choose their own schedule based on their preference

Are materials and modules provided?

RareJob provides a wide selection of materials that tutors can choose from. RareJob follows the 10-level curriculum based on CEFR-J. Tutors may opt to look for supplementary materials if they find the materials provided insufficient.

How do I get students?

Students are able to view each tutor's open lesson slots. They select who to book based on the tutor profile.

Source: RareJob Website